Meet Dr. Chloe Xu

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Dr. Chloe Xu | Chinook Smiles | SW Calgary | General and Family Dentist

Dr Chloe Xu D.D.S.

Proudly known as the “gentle dentist”, Dr. Chloe Xu is committed to her mantra of exceptional, personable care. After studying Life Sciences at Queen’s University and receiving her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree with Distinction from the University of Toronto, Dr. Xu returned to Calgary where she grew up and has been happily serving patients all over the city and beyond.

In her pursuit of excellence (and to satisfy the inner dental nerd), Dr. Xu has sought academic externships in prestigious dental hospitals abroad, and spends countless hours on courses and conferences to stay current with the newest techniques and technologies. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her patients and is especially well-versed in the advancements in modern day digital dentistry, including same-day ceramic restorations, Invisalign, laser-assisted dentistry, and regenerative medicine.

Besides her passion for clinical dentistry, Dr. Xu appreciates the human aspects of a dental visit and takes pride in building lasting, meaningful dental relationships with her patients. She is dedicated to making every appointment a comfortable, judgement-free and informative experience for everyone. Patients are introduced to the endless possibilities of contemporary dentistry where aesthetics and functions can be restored and even enhanced. With a focus on understanding and respecting patient needs and goals, Dr. Xu collaborates with her patients to create individualized and comprehensive treatment plans tailored to their unique dental concerns.

Beyond her professional life, Dr. Xu is a proud new mom to an adorable baby boy. After a brief hiatus to tend to the role of a new mother, Dr. Xu is thrilled to be joining Chinook Smiles to get back to doing what she loves, dentistry!