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Primescan Precision Digital Scan in SW Calgary, AB

Ultra Precision, Beyond Imagination

Primescan Precision Digital Scan in SW Calgary, AB2024-05-23T16:23:49+00:00

Your gateway to impeccable digital scans

The future is digital.

Incredibly fast with unparalleled accuracy, the Primescan Precision digital scanner near you is capable of capturing 50,000 images per second and then processing and stitching them together to create a 3D model to be displayed on a touchscreen. This model of your teeth and jaw can be enlarged, toggled, flipped, and examined. No detail will be missed.

One of the best digital scanners on the market, the Primescan is a key component to Chinook Smiles’ line-up of digital technologies focused at enhancing patient comfort and elevating treatment outcomes. Wondering how much wear has occured to your teeth over the past year? Two scans taken at different time points will show us that. Thinking of getting a new nightguard to protect your teeth? The scan already contains all the information required, bypassing the need to take a traditional impression (aka the goop).

We welcome all patients to request a complimentary 3D wellness scan with their new patient comprehensive exam or recall check-up with their cleaning appointments!

Total game changer

Digital scanning is revolutionizing the dental experience, making it smoother, more precise, and more comfortable for our patients. Chinook Smiles is excited to offer this innovative technology in our practice to enhance your dental journey.

  • Precise Impressions: The Primescan captures precise 3D images of each tooth, ensuring a snug fit for clear aligners, crowns, nightguards, and other appliances.

  • Patient Comfort: Say goodbye to goopy impression materials. Digital scanning is quick, painless, and minimizes discomfort, especially for those with a sensitive gag reflex.

  • Efficiency and Accuracy: Digital scans are incredibly accurate, reducing the chances of errors. Plus, they’re efficient, saving you time and reducing the need for retakes.

  • Eco-Friendly: Going digital means reducing waste from traditional impression materials. It’s a small but meaningful step toward a greener future.


Will I be exposed to any x-ray radiation from the scanner?2023-12-01T05:29:57+00:00

No, the Primescan does not produce any radiation.


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