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Night Guards

Custom-Fit Night Guards for Comfort and Maximum Protection

Night Guards2023-12-01T06:25:20+00:00

Protect your teeth from damages done by…you!

What is a night guard?

Do you feel your teeth are getting flatter, shorter, or even worse, chipped or cracked? Do you wake up with sore jaw muscles? Do you get headaches often, especially in the morning? Does your sleep partner complain about annoying grinding noises when you are catching some zzz’s? If you answer YES! to any of the above, you likely suffer from bruxism, a condition characterized by involuntary clenching and grinding of teeth. Bruxism predominantly happens during sleep, but you may find yourself clenching unknowingly during the day as well. While this is an extremely common condition plaguing the modern population, if left untreated it can have detrimental effects on your teeth and oral health.

A night guard, also known as an occlusal splint or bite guard, is a custom-fitted oral appliance designed to be worn during sleep. It acts as a protective barrier, cushioning your teeth and preventing direct contact between the upper and lower jaws. By wearing a night guard, you can effectively alleviate the pressure and friction caused by teeth grinding or clenching, reducing discomfort and risk of damaging your teeth.

How can a night guard help?

Benefits of Using a Night Guard

  • Preserve Your Teeth: Night guards create a protective barrier, preventing excessive wear on your teeth caused by bruxism.
  • Alleviate Jaw Pain: By reducing the force on your jaw joint and muscles, a night guard can help alleviate jaw pain and tension headaches.
  • Prevent Dental Damage: Night guards protect your teeth from chipping, cracking, and enamel erosion caused by bruxism.
  • Improve Sleep Quality: With a night guard, you can sleep more comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed, without the discomfort of teeth grinding.
  • Customized Comfort: Our dental team will custom-fit your night guard for optimal comfort, ensuring it fits securely and doesn’t interfere with your sleep.

Fast and easy

At Chinook Smiles, making a custom-fitted night guard for you is a fast and easy experience. Our team starts by taking an extremely accurate digital scan of your teeth, then designs the night guard to fit your jaw. Next, utilizing our state-of-the-art laboratory grade 3D printer, the night guard is fabricated with biocompatible resins. 

Did you know…

Patients who are aggressive bruxers will also likely benefit from therapeutic Botox treatment as an adjunct to night guard.

At Chinook Smiles, we want to help you protect your valuable dental investments. Smile makeover patients and patients who receive 6 or more crowns or veneers will also receive a complimentary night guard!


Will my dental insurance cover my nightguard?2023-10-22T22:33:56+00:00

Most likely yes! Nightguards are considered essential appliances and are almost always included in dental insurance coverage. If you are unsure, call Chinook Smiles at (403) 252-1404 and we can help you find out!

When should I replace my old nightguard with a new one?2023-10-22T22:32:02+00:00

Nightguards take the brunt of your clenching and grinding force, and are therefore prone to degradation over time. If you find that your nightguard is appearing cracked or worn, chances are it is time to get a new one.

After having extensive dental work completed, the shape or anatomy of your teeth will change and your current nightguard may no longer fit properly. In this case, a new nightguard will also be necessary as it is a custom-fitted appliance meant to conform to the contours of your teeth.


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