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Dental Crowns in Calgary, AB

Dental Crowns in Calgary, AB2024-05-23T18:46:44+00:00

Overview of Dental Crowns: Purpose and Materials

At Chinook Smiles, we specialize in providing top-quality dental crowns in Calgary tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. Dental crowns are protective caps placed over damaged, decayed, or aesthetically lacking teeth. They help restore the tooth’s function, shape, and appearance. Our crowns are crafted from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, and metal alloys, depending on individual requirements and aesthetic preferences. Porcelain crowns in Calgary are particularly popular for their natural look and durability.

The Dental Crown Procedure: Step-by-Step Guide

The procedure for receiving a dental crown at Chinook Smiles begins with a detailed assessment of your dental health. If a crown is deemed necessary, the affected tooth is first prepared by reshaping it under local anesthesia. Next, we take a detailed impression of your tooth to craft an exact model for the crown. This model is then forwarded to a dental lab where your personalized crown is meticulously crafted. During this time, a temporary crown is fitted to safeguard the tooth. Once your new crown is ready, you return to our clinic for fitting and adjustments, ensuring a perfect match to your natural teeth.

Advantages of Choosing Dental Crowns for Tooth Restoration

Opting for dental crowns near me at Chinook Smiles offers numerous benefits. Crowns restore the functionality and aesthetics of teeth that are fractured, worn down, or have undergone significant decay or a root canal procedure. They deliver a sturdy and long-lasting solution that handles the pressures of biting and chewing, efficiently guarding the underlying tooth against further harm. Additionally, crowns can also be used to anchor dental bridges or cover dental implants.

Maintaining Your Dental Crowns: Care and Longevity

To attain the longevity of your dental crowns, proper care is essential. Regular brushing and flossing are imperative to prevent plaque buildup around the crown. It’s advisable to avoid chewing on hard objects or ice to refrain from any damage to the crown. Regular check-ups at Chinook Smiles will help evaluate the condition of your crown and address any issues early on. With appropriate care, your dental crowns can last for many years, contributing to a healthy and attractive smile.

Comparing Dental Crowns and Veneers: Which Is Best for You?

While both dental crowns and veneers serve to improve the appearance of your teeth, they cater to different needs. Crowns cover the entire tooth, providing reinforcement and protection, whereas veneers are thin covers that attach to the front surface of the teeth, primarily for cosmetic improvement. If you are considering dental crowns in SW Calgary or veneers, our team at Chinook Smiles can advise you on the best options based on your dental health and aesthetic goals.

Contact Us Today!

If you are exploring options for dental crowns in Calgary or wish to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact Chinook Smiles. Our dedicated team is ready to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile with the best dental solutions available. Call us today to schedule your consultation.


Can all restorations be made with CEREC?2023-10-23T05:16:43+00:00

CEREC technology can only fabricate ceramic restorations. The vast majority of restorations for back teeth can be made with CEREC if ceramic is deemed to be the optimal material of choice. Your Chinook Smiles dentist will always perform an exam to assess your unique condition and needs, and discuss the best course of treatment with you.

Will my insurance cover a CEREC restoration?2023-10-23T05:13:47+00:00

Your insurance coverage will not differ for a CEREC restoration. For instance, if your coverage is 50% for a regular crown, the CEREC crown will also be reimbursed at 50%.

Does a CEREC restoration cost more?2023-10-23T05:12:28+00:00

No! At Chinook Smiles we are committed to offering our patient superior services and experiences. We do not charge extra for CEREC restorations; the dentist fee is the same as for regular crowns/restorations, and the lab fee is on par with market rates charged by third party labs.


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