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Children’s Dentistry

Gentle Care for Growing Smiles

Children’s Dentistry2023-12-01T06:13:42+00:00

Nurturing Healthy Smiles: Your Child’s Dental Care at Chinook Smiles

Kid-friendly dentists in Calgary

At Chinook Smiles, we proudly offer kids-friendly dentistry services in Calgary. We understand that early dental care is crucial for a child’s overall health and well-being. Parents often underestimate the importance of oral health in children, and may not realize that tooth decay (cavities) is one of the most common infectious diseases among children. It can lead to toothaches, missed school days, and discomfort that affects daily activities. Proactive prevention can prevent discomfort caused by dental issues for your children, and regular visits to our kid-friendly dental office are essential. These appointments help us examine and clean your child’s teeth, removing plaque and bacteria that can lead to cavities. Additionally, we can identify issues that will benefit from early intervention, such as changes to the teeth and skeletal structures caused by mouth breathing, thumbing sucking, or prolonged pacifier use.

Educational resources for your child

In addition to bringing your child to our kid-friendly dentist, practicing good oral hygiene at home is equally important. We understand that children might find brushing their teeth a challenge. However, we aim to change their perception of dental care. Our goal is to make it fun and engaging so that they develop good oral hygiene habits from a young age. To assist you in this process, we offer resources to make oral care more appealing to your child. One helpful tool is video tutorials. You can find short videos online or on YouTube that show your child how to brush properly. Since kids are accustomed to receiving information through videos, this approach may be more effective in teaching them the correct way to brush.

Prioritizing preventative care

At Chinook Smiles, we emphasize the importance of preventative care in our children’s dentistry services. Preventing dental issues is far better than treating them once they arise. Dental sealants are a key part of our preventative approach. Children often have deep ridges in their teeth, which can trap bacteria and food particles, eventually leading to tooth decay. These areas can be challenging to clean effectively at home. Dental sealants provide a simple solution. We apply a protective layer to your child’s teeth, preventing anything from getting stuck in these ridges.

Our thorough and regular cleanings and fluoride treatments, as well as our preventative dental checkups, allow all of our patients to leave not only with healthier smiles but also with a better understanding of their overall oral health. It is important to schedule regular appointments for checkups so that your dentist can catch any problems before they become more serious.

Your child’s comfort is important to us

Finding a family dental practice that your entire family is comfortable with can make it a lot easier to keep your regularly scheduled appointments. The goal of our experienced and gentle team of dentists and dental professionals is to be your partner in maintaining your oral health.

We accept patients of ALL ages, and we take great pride in trying to create a friendly, gentle, and comfortable atmosphere for our young patients. We believe that, if handled correctly, coming to the dentist can be an enjoyable experience. Making sure you and your children are comfortable with your choice of a family dentist is important to us!


Can thumb-sucking and pacifier use affect my child’s dental health?2023-12-01T06:14:43+00:00

Prolonged thumb-sucking or pacifier use can affect the alignment of teeth and the development of the jaw. Most children naturally outgrow these habits, but if they persist, consult with our dentists for guidance.

Why are baby teeth important if they eventually fall out?2023-12-01T06:15:37+00:00

Baby teeth play a crucial role in a child’s development. They help with proper chewing, speech development, and guide the permanent teeth into their proper positions.

What can I do to make oral care more appealing to my child?2023-11-19T02:21:57+00:00

To make brushing fun, you can use video tutorials, play their favorite songs, or show engaging videos during brushing. These methods help your child develop good oral hygiene habits.

Why is early children’s dentistry important?2023-11-19T02:21:19+00:00

Early dental care is crucial for a child’s overall health. Tooth decay in children can lead to discomfort, missed school days, and other issues. Regular dental checkups help prevent these problems.


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